Administrative Services

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The Mission of the Administrative Services Department is to be the services oriented backbone of the CRC by providing a lasting professional impact through secretarial, public relations and maintenance operations.

The Administrative Services Department provides a wide array of support services that ensure the proficient daily operation of the Coastal Regional Commission. Administrative/Maintenance services are provided to the CRC by a staff that consists of the Administrative Services Director, the Administrative/IT Assistant and the Facilities Maintenance Coordinator.

The Administrative Services staff provides public relation activities including press releases, layout and design of flyers and brochures, and producing various published documents. Administrative staff also takes minutes for meetings and assists Commission staff members wherever the need arises.

The Administrative Services Director is responsible for the City/County Directory, a vital source of information provided to the coastal cities and counties that contains listings for coastal Georgia’s city council members, county commissioners, legislators, Georgia Regional Commissions, and the Coastal Regional Commission Council.

The Administrative/IT Assistant is responsible for the publication of The Pelican Brief newsletter and the Annual Report, assisting with IT tasks as needed, as well as assisting all staff members.

The Facilities Maintenance Coordinator is responsible for the preservation of the facilities, maintenance of the company fleet, assistance with meeting room set up and assists staff wherever the needs arise.