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Our Mission: Provide long-range strategic planning and local technical assistance to CRC member governments to help them identify and support beneficial community and regional growth management policies, plans, and programs.

The Planning and Government Services Department provides a wide variety of services to member local governments. Planning staff is available to assist with the development of:

We prepare The Regional Plan and review certain local development projects, including those requesting federal assistance and those deemed developments of regional impact (DRIs). In our capacity as the economic development district for coastal Georgia, we prepare a comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS) for the region and assist cities and counties in obtaining state and federal grants to implement the strategy. As an affiliate of the State Data Center we maintain and provide data on current and forecasted conditions for the coastal region.

The Regional Plan

The State of Georgia places regional planning as a top priority for promoting quality growth. Under the direction of the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), each regional commission is charged with preparing a regional plan that allows communities to identify problems and opportunities that are evident from a regional perspective, and to focus on how actions at the local level impact the region as a whole. According to DCA, regional plans should be used to coordinate the activities of the regional commission, local governments, public agencies, and other parties in the region to further promote quality growth.

The Regional Plan of Coastal Georgia was adopted by the CRC Council on June 9, 2010. This plan was amended in June 2011 in response to comments received throughout the first year of implementation, as well as the need to accommodate the evaluation and monitoring methodology and findings from the final:

Regional Important Resources Plan

Regional Assessment

The Regional Plan of Coastal Georgia

A Regional Sustainability Strategy for Coastal Georgia

Regional Counties Survey

Appendix E to Regional Assessment

Coastal Georgia Comprehensive Plan

In February 2005, Governor Sonny Perdue directed all state departments, agencies, boards, bureaus, commissions, authorities, councils and corporations that exercise programmatic or regulatory functions within the coastal region shall work together with the Department of Community Affairs in a spirit of mutual cooperation in the preparation of the document known as the Coastal Georgia Comprehensive Plan.

The Georgia Coastal Comprehensive Plan was finalized and delivered to the CGRDC for implementation in March 2008. Addressing Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Glynn, Liberty and McIntosh Counties, the purpose of the Plan is twofold: to examine the existing conditions of the coastal counties; and to prepare for the management of future growth and sustainable development for Georgia’s coastal region

After six months of discussions, the CGRDC Board adopted the Coastal Comprehensive Plan with minimum revisions in November 2008.

Coastal Georgia Comprehensive Plan

Regional Assessment for the Coastal Six Counties

Regional Digital Economy Plan

Resiliency Plan

The Liberty
County Charrette

Development Tools

The Tybee Island Corridor
Charrette 2012

MEPD- Coastal Design Studio Video
Athens 2015